Ram-Raid Gang Busted After Robbing Valencia Apple Store

This is the moment masked thieves ram-raid an Apple store in Valencia and loot the expensive devices on display.

The latest robbery took place in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia following a string of 32 robberies in 23 different towns and cities in Spain, according to reports.

According to the Spanish National Police, 20 Romanian suspects have been arrested including the gang’s leader in the wake of the raids.

Local media said that the suspects always targeted electrical stores in Spain before sending the items back to Romania for sale, mostly through parcel delivery companies.

They allegedly operated only at night and often robbed stores in under a minute before escaping.

The National Police have been collaborating with Europol and the Romanian Interior Ministry since investigations began in 2017, according to local media.

The first recorded robbery took place in Albacete when mobile phones valued at 23,000 EUR (20,500 GBP) were reportedly stolen.

Local media said that the gang was fast, organised and could cover distances of up to 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) in a night.

The investigation continues.