Dead Man Found In Flat With Leg Eaten By His Dog

Police have found the body of a 56-year-old man whose leg had been eaten by his famished pet pooch after he was left dead in his flat for over a month and the ravenous animal grew hungry.

The Spanish National Police found the body of Matias S. in his flat in the Ciudad Lineal area of the central Spanish capital Madrid and forensic doctors believe he had been dead for around one month when he was found.

The victim, a cook in a nearby prison, reportedly suffered from lymphatic cancer and neighbours told local media he had appeared weaker in the last few months.

Reports state residents in the block of flats began noticing a bad smell coming from Matias’ flat in the middle of August.

However, they thought the flat owner was on holiday with his dog as they could not hear the animal barking.

Celia, the neighbour who lives next to Matias’ flat, told reporters the smell became worse, saying it was “unbearable” and was causing her and her daughter to “vomit”.

She says insects and flies then began coming from the flat and she called the police as “I knew that there was a dead body”.

Police arrived and could reportedly hear the dog barking inside so they then entered the flat through a window.

They found the victim’s body in a bedroom and reports state that only his bones could be seen on some areas of his right leg.

A police spokesperson told reporters that the dog, a mongrel born in 2016 weighing 40 kilogrammes (88 lbs), had survived by eating its owners remains.

It had reportedly managed to survive without water. The dog was sedated and taken to a nearby veterinary centre.

One neighbour told reporters: “He was a great guy, it’s such a shame he died like that.” The victim’s body has been taken to a morgue.