Rampaging Escaped Bull Terrifies Spanish Village

This is the moment spectators flee from a young bull with sharp horns during a bull running event just before the animal manages to escape the enclosure and go on the run.

The incident occurred at a bull-running event in the town of Morata de Tajuna, near Madrid, the Spanish capital, when the small bull slipped under the protective fence at the event.

In the video, participants can be seen sprinting down a street away from a small black bull.

As the animal reaches the final curve of the official route it slips and falls underneath the protective fence.

It can then be seen running down a street as participants run after it and a woman can be heard saying “calm, stay calm, stay up!

Local media report the bull then ran around 500 metres on the road leading to the town of Chinchon before Spanish Civil Guards and shepherds caught up with it. The animal was shot with a taser gun before it was shot to death, according to reports.

The bull did not injure anybody in the incident.

The local council said the bull was killed as it would have been in the bullring but it was done in a different area “due to the circumstances”.

They said that the bull’s “small size” had allowed it to slip under the protective fence but that other bulls participating in upcoming bull-running events will not be able to do so. The bull run was the first of four organised for the town’s festival.