Charging Bull Jumps Into Terrified Spectators

This the moment a bull jumps over the protective wall in a Spanish bull ring into a group of screaming spectators before running through the streets of a town.

The incident took place during a festival in the town of Caparroso, in the northern Spanish region of Navarre when the bull was released in the bullring.

In the videos, the bull can be seen running the length of the square bullring before jumping up over the protective wall in a corner.

Onlookers scream as the bull hurdles over the wall, clipping its legs and falling to the ground on the other side as nearby spectators scramble to safety.

The bull manages to escape the bullring and can be seen running around the streets of the town before it made its way to the nearby Aragon river.

Video shows the bull walking through the river where reports state it was eventually caught in an irrigation canal by its breeders and the local police.

Local media report the bull was caught in the irrigation canal and taken into a lorry. Caparroso’s Mayor Carlos Alcuaz said: “It walked a lot of meters and we were able to catch it.”

Reports state one person was lightly injured in the incident. It is unclear what happened to the bull after it was caught.