16 Boat Migrants Scramble Up Ibiza Cliff

A Spanish fisherman films 16 allegedly undocumented migrants abandoning their boat on the Ibiza coast and climbing up a cliff face.

The incident, filmed by fisherman Felipe Roig Jones and shared on social media, took place on Saturday morning in Sol d’en Serra in the municipality of Sant Josep, close to the airport in Ibiza in the eastern Spanish region of the Balearic Islands.

The footage shows 16 migrants, who reportedly sailed from the North African country of Algeria, arriving in Ibiza on a small vessel.

Reports said that all 16 were arrested by the Spanish police.

A further two boats arrived along the same coastline on Saturday and 27 migrants were arrested, according to local media.

Checks are still ongoing, but it is believed that no minors were on board the boats.

On Sunday, a fourth boat arrived in Ibiza and the authorities reportedly arrested eight migrants making it a total of 51 over the weekend. The nationality of the immigrants has not been confirmed by the authorities.

According to local media, nine boats arrived in the Balearic Islands during August.

At the beginning of the month, 63 undocumented immigrants were arrested in five boats that arrived within several days of each other. Three boats arrived in Ibiza while the other two were spotted on the island of Formentera