Cute Kitten With Amputated Ears Riddled With Maggots

This footage shows maggots crawling inside the ears of an adorable kitten that had its ears amputated on the streets before it was rescued, cured and re-homed.

Animal Rescue Spain rescued this cute little kitten on 12th August in a residential area of Toledo, near Madrid, central Spain.

It was only few months old and had its ears mutilated.

Pic shows: Nano, the kitten eating.

In the days that followed, vets nursed it and on Friday last week, the kitten, named Nano, found a family willing to adopt it.

When medics rescued the kitty they saw that its ears had been amputated and the injury was riddled with maggots.

Vets believe that the amputation may have been carried out deliberately.

Since the operation, Nano has recovered from the injuries in a protection centre, located in the outskirts of Madrid, the Spanish capital.

A statement from the organisation read: “Nano is a fighter, tender, handsome. Every day it teaches us the value of personal drive and the eternal innocence of the animals. We keep fighting for them.”

The kitten is seen in different videos being cared for by the vets with the maggots visible in its auricle.

Footage also shows the adorable kitten feeding and playing around with the vets.

Local media reported that the research into the abandonment of the animals in Spain called ‘El Nunca Lo Haria’ (They Would Never Do It) done by the foundation Affiniti, 104,688 dogs and 33,719 cats were abandoned in 2018 in Spain.