Bull Charges Into Mans Head And Drags Him On Ground

This is the moment a bull charges into a man’s head sending him flying before dragging his motionless body along the ground with a rope at a Spanish festival.

The incident took place in the town of Puerto Viejo de Algorta, in the municipality of Getxo, in the northern Spanish region of Basque Country, during the sokamuturra festival which sees a bull tied up to a pole in the middle of a square as participants goad it into chasing them.

In the video, a man can be seen running away from the bull when it hits the back of his legs with its horns.

The man crashes to the ground and the bull then charges at him, running into his head and leaving him motionless on the ground as onlookers scream.

Pic Shows: Moment the man is hit by the bull during festival parties;

Another man comes running to the scene and as the bull runs after him it drags the motionless man’s body along the ground by the rope it is tied to.

Onlookers eventually rush into the square and carry the victim to safety while the bull’s rope comes loose from the pole and a man works to try to tie it back up.

Local media report that the man was not badly injured as he only suffered bruises after the incident. It is not clear if he was taken to the hospital.

Sokamuturra, also known in other parts of Spain as bull herding, sees participants touching the bull and running around it in order to provoke it into chasing them.