Marbella Bin Men Toss Bags In Ravine Next To Dustcart

This is the moment two Spanish bin men in Marbella throw bin rubbish bags into a ravine despite the dustcart being just feet away.

The incident was filmed at the La Ermita industrial estate in the resort city of Marbella located on the Costa del Sol in southern Spanish province of Malaga, and shared on Facebook by the group ‘ImpulsaCiudad’ where it has been seen over 140,000 times.

In the footage, the Spanish workers are seen throwing the bags left outside the wheelie bin over a fence, reportedly into the Arroyo Segundo ravine.

Pic Shows: Cleaning service workers throwing rubbish into the river

Meanwhile, their dustcart is just feet away.

The waste collectors then move the wheelie bin over to the dustcart to dispose of the rest of the rubbish correctly.

‘ImpulsaCiudad’ claimed it was not the first time it has happened and that local residents complain to the authorities frequently.

The organisation called the incident “unacceptable” and demanded legal action against the public service workers.

They said on Facebook: “We know the vast majority of workers in waste collection act with professionalism, and for this reason we believe it is necessary to clarify this unfortunate and painful incident.”

It is unclear if the local authorities are investigating the matter.