Tied Spain Bull Charges At Car And Pushes It On Pavement

This is the moment a tied bull charges at a parked car and pushes it along the pavement after apparently getting its horn stuck in the wheel arch during a ‘running of the bulls’ event in Spain.

The incident was filmed during a ‘Bou Capllacat’ (‘Roped Bull’ in Catalan) event in the town of Amposta in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia.

In the footage, the roped bull is seen charging the parked car as a large crowd of onlookers cheer.

It lifts the vehicle up before its horn appears to become trapped under the wheel arch.

After a few moments, the frustrated bull pushes the car along the pavement as residents pull on the ropes attached to its other horn.

The stocky animal eventually manages to break free, causing festival-goers to scatter, before charging at a parked scooter.

After wrecking the two vehicles, the bull is last seen chasing residents along the street.

Pic shows: Moment the bull goes against the car.

According to local media, a group of residents organised a protest outside the Town Hall after the footage was widely shared on social media.

The political party PACMA (Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals) joined in the calls to halt the use of bulls during the town’s festival.

A spokesperson claimed on social media that children as young as 14 were tormenting and throwing objects at the bull for over half an hour.

They also said that the animal ended up injured and exhausted at the end of the controversial event. It is unclear what happened to the bull after the event.

Netizen ‘2017Almogaver’ said: “We should stop this festival, no matter if it is traditional. It is outdated and harmful to animals.”

‘Dolorsfv’ commented: “Poor bull. I hope the vehicles belonged to the torturers.”

‘CatfreenowRosa’ wrote: “It does not matter if it is traditional, Christians used to be thrown to the lions and that was stopped!”