Nude Lass Twerks On Ibiza Ferrari As Driver Smokes Cigar

This is the moment a curvy woman writhes her naked body on a red Ferrari as the cigar-chomping driver cruises the streets of Ibiza with dance music blaring.

The incident was filmed at the Marina Ibiza on the island of the same name located in the eastern Spanish region of the Balearic Islands and was later widely shared on social media.

A city council spokesperson told Central European News (CEN) that the authorities hope to track down the culprits soon as “there are not many cars like this in Ibiza”.

Pic Shows: The girl naked on Ferrari;

Footage shows a young man holding a fat cigar as he drives the red Ferrari through the streets of Ibiza with a naked young woman on top.

As the nude stunner kicks her legs up in the air and twerks her toned derriere to the blaring music, stunned onlookers film the bizarre scenes.

Local media said that the couple could be fined up to 500 EUR (458 GBP) with six points on the driver’s licence for reckless driving.

A city council spokeswoman told CEN that the port authorities “are in charge of managing the traffic inside the marina” and that the police are in contact with them about the incident.

The Ibiza authorities hope to track down the Ferrari driver soon as “there are not many cars like this in Ibiza”.

Once they are identified, the police will determine which rules were violated and the punishment they should face.

The investigation continues.