Man Scooped Up By Bull, Smashed Against Wall And Gored

This is the moment a runaway bull scoops a man up by the rear of his trousers and repeatedly tosses him against a stone wall like a rag doll during a Spanish bull-running festival.

The unnamed resident was gored in the thigh and abdomen after being attacked by the rampant bull, according to reports.

The incident was filmed during the running of the bulls event in the town of Tafalla in the northern Spanish region of Navarre and was later shared on YouTube where it has been viewed 40,000 times.

Pic shows: The moment the man is hit by the bull., from a different point of view.

He was treated by Red Cross staff in attendance at the festival event before being transferred to hospital.

In the footage, the victim, wearing white trousers and a brown top, is seen trying to hide behind a tree as the bull charges at him.

The bull then flips the man in the air and tosses him against a stone wall like a rag doll.

The man is released when the bull charges at another person and he manages to hide behind the tree before being carried away by festival-goers.

Another angle shows the bull’s horn penetrating the rear of the man’s trousers, just missing his right buttock by millimetres.

Apart from the victim in the video, two other festival-goers were injured during the running of the bulls event, according to reports.

A 41-year-old man with the initials J.L. suffered an abdomen injury and a 74-year-old woman, identified as M.G.M., was hospitalised after falling from a wall when one of the bulls got too close to her, according to local media.

There are no updates on the condition of the victims.