Red Shorts Man Gored In The Bum During Bull Running

This is the moment an “expert” bull-runner in red shorts is knocked to the ground after being gored in the backside by a charging bull during a Spanish festival.

The incident took place during the popular festival “bous al carrer” (bulls on the road) in the town of Faura, in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia.

Pic Shows: The man running away after being hit by the bull;

The name of the man who was knocked over by the bull has not been reported but local media state he is an expert “rodador” (men who stand in front of the bull and narrowly avoid it when it charges at them).

In the video, the huge bull can be seen chasing men through the streets of the town. It charges at one man wearing red shorts and he manages to dodge it, sprinting away down the street.

The bull, named Leyenda (Legend) chases after him and when the man tries to turn sharply he slips. The bull takes its chance and gores the man in the backside, pushing him into a wall with its horns, according to reports.

The bull then trots away as the man scrambles to his feet before falling again.

Local media report the man was taken to Sagunto Hospital where he received stitches. According to medical sources reported by local media “the goring was clean and the victim is recovering properly”, and he will be released soon.

Neighbours told local media that “he was saying that he almost did not notice the goring”.

Reports state the festival will continue despite the incident.