Vicious Gay Bashing Bus Attack

This is the viral moment – viewed over two million times – a thug screams at two gay men on a bus in the Canary Islands – calling them “faggots” and threatening to headbutt them.

The incident took place in the Canary Islands region of southwestern Spain and came after the gay couple had reportedly defended a woman on the bus from sexist comments the aggressor had made at her.

The thug, who has not been named in reports, then began insulting the gay couple and in the video he can be heard shouting: “Are you listening to me? I have two kids…Because I will headbutt you and you too, f*cking faggots!”

One of the men seemingly being shouted at the man says: “A person with kids does not say things like these.”

The aggressor then says: “Do not get it wrong, f*cking faggot. Do not get it wrong because I will punch you in the eyes and go to jail, okay? Do not do that again because I will beat you. Do not say that you are gonna call the Civil Guard because I will beat you.

“I have eyes like other people and I look at people and I look at women. Okay? I am not bent.”

The incident reported by the LGBT platform Defensa LGTB on social media and the video has been viewed over 2.19 million times.

Netizen ‘iriarcruz’ wrote: “I hope this criminal is found because this is what he is, a criminal. He or the person in charge of the bus should have stopped and taken him away from there.”

And ‘imisache’ added: “What a shame. Disgusting. He should have been taken off the bus. Look how the hand of the guy is shaking! Poor guy.”

It is not mentioned if the man has been arrested or if the case is under investigation.