Jealous Boyfriend Murders Ex Girlfriend In Frienzied Attack

A  fisherman has been arrested for stabbing his  female roommate to death 24 times.

Twenty-five-year-old Miriam Vallejo was living in the municipality Villanueva de la Torre in the province of Guadalajara in central Spain with her friend Celia Rosillo, 31, and the suspect Sergio Saez M., 29.

Miriam went to walk her dog before she was found dead on 16th of January in the municipality of Meco in the Autonomous Community of Madrid which borders Villanueva de la Torre, according to local media.

Miriam Vallejo, the victim.

Her body was found by two young people with her four dogs by her side.

The victim had received around 24 stab wounds to the chest and arms, the last as a product of self-defence which left some of the suspect’s DNA on her, according to local media.

The suspect is said to be a keen fisherman and has been now reportedly arrested after seven months of investigation.

Sergio S.M. the suspect;

He initially said he was playing a video game during the murder and that he was online, but it was found out later that while he was indeed technically online, he was reportedly not active, according to local media.

Days after the murder Celia and Sergio reportedly ended their relationship and moved out.

Shortly after the murder, Celia wrote on social media: “I who know her like the back of my hand, I still continue thinking that [the person responsible] did not know her, because Mimi could not produce such hate in anyone she knew.”

The motive for the murder is currently unclear and the authorities are still investigating.