Tourist Sent Flying And Trampled At Bull Run Event

This is the moment a bullock sends a tourist flying into the air before trampling him at a Spanish bull running festival.

The incident was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone at the ‘Bous al Carrer’ (Bulls in the Street) festival in the town of Calpe in eastern Spain’s Valencia region.

The footage begins with a man on a platform taunting a Benavent bull as a crowd looks on from behind a protective barrier.

Suddenly, the bull runs off straight towards another man – a French tourist – standing further down the street, just outside a second barrier.

Before the tourist has chance to react, the bull sends him somersaulting high into the air and then tramples on him when he lands on the ground.

The bull charges off as the Frenchman manages to crawl towards the barrier as onlookers come to his aid. One youth throws something at the bull.

Incredibly, the tourist, whose name has not been released, escaped serious injury, a city council spokeswoman told Central European News (CEN).

Pic Shows: The bull looking at the man;

Fortunately, he had not been gored by the bull’s horns. He was taken to hospital in Denia where doctor confirmed he had not broken any bones, she said.

The spokeswoman said: “Another injury was reported at the festival on the same day but was not caught on camera.

“The security measures are fine and no other problem was registered.”