Bungling Ground Staff Vehicle Collision At Barajas Airport

This is the moment two ground staff vehicles crash next to the runway at Spain’s busiest airport sending one of the vehicles rolling across the tarmac.

The incident took place at Terminal 4 at Adolfo Suarez-Madrid Barajas International Airport, located in the city of Madrid, the Spanish capital and a video of the crash has been shared on social media.

In the video, a yellow pickup truck with the logo of AENA (the company in charge of the management of the airports in Spain) can be seen driving across the apron when a white van heading towards the parked planes comes into shot adjacent to it.

The two vehicles are heading for a collision and the pickup driver tries to swerve out of the way but cannot avoid the crash. The yellow pickup truck is sent rolling across the tarmac and lands on its side while the van spins 180 degrees.

Local media report firefighters rushed to the scene and helped the driver of the yellow vehicle.

Airport sources reported to local media that neither of the drivers was injured in the incident and both were released from hospital after they were taken to be evaluated.

Madrid airport is the second largest airport in Europe by physical size behind Paris–Charles de Gaulle Airport. In 2018, it was Spain’s busiest airport and Europe’s sixth busiest airport with 57.9 million passengers using it.

Moment of the car crash at the airport;