Street Seller Stabs Cop On Crowded Spanish Beach

This is the moment a Spanish cop is allegedly stabbed in the stomach by a street vendor on a beach in front of screaming onlookers and kids after police tried to seize the drinks he was selling.

Antonio Garrido of Punta Umbria local police, was reportedly injured with a knife whilst participating in an operation against illegal street selling on the beach of La Canaleta, in the municipality of Punta Umbria, in the southern Spanish province of Huelva, in the Andalusia region.

In the video, a street seller can be seen screaming at a police officer as he carts his goods away on the beach.

The officer then sprints after the seller and tries to grab the goods as another cop comes in to help.

After the cops grab hold of the cart another street seller comes into view grappling with inspector Garrido.

The seller is holding a knife and he bundles the cop to the ground as he thrusts the blade towards the officer’s stomach. The other cops pile in to stop the attack as onlookers scream and the knife is grabbed from the attacker’s hand.

A witness told local newspaper Huelva Informacion “They wanted to kill him, if there had not been another of his colleagues mates beside him, he would have killed him for sure”.

Both street sellers were arrested along with a beachgoer who was reportedly defending them from the police.

Garrido was attended by paramedics and taken to Juan Ramon Jimenez hospital where he is in a stable condition after being attended for his injuries, hospital sources reported to local media.

Pic Shows: The attacker overwhelmed by cops and bystanders and taken down to the ground;

Aurora Aguedo, the Mayor of the city, and Alejandro Rodriguez, Councillor of Citizen Security, went to the hospital to check on the sub-inspector’s condition.

The suspects are under the custody of the Spanish Civil Guard and it is believed that they will be sent to a court tomorrow, a spokesman for the Spanish Civil Guard in Huelva said to Central European News (CEN).

The spokesman told CEN that the suspects have been charged. The suspect who can be seen in the video with the blade has been charged with “attempted homicide” and the rest are charged with “attacks against the authorities”.

This incident is reported to have happened five days after two other officers were injured after allegedly being attacked by two street sellers who were also arrested.