Nightclub Race Attack Causes Change Org Petition To Close It

This is the moment nightclub bouncers in Spain beat up two young men prompting claims that the attack was because one of them was black.

The incident took place outside the club Waka in the city of Sabadell in the eastern Spanish region of Catalonia when one of the men was beaten up after being spotted jumping down from the wall.

The men getting attacked by security guards

His friend scaled the wall shortly afterwards and was also attacked by the bouncers, according to reports.

One of the victims, named Marcos, told local media that the bouncers would not let them inside the club and claimed that it was because they were discriminating against his black friend.

He said: “I was told they are racists. Several weeks before, I was allowed in the club.

After being turned away from the queue, Marcos and his friend Matias decided to jump over the fence but they were caught in the act.

Marcos said: “When we were busted, we cooperated and said we would go home.

“The treatment was outrageous, I think my friend was beaten up more than me because he is black.

Meanwhile, the company who provides the security staff called the bouncers’ actions “inappropriate” and they have suspended those involved, according to local media.

Reports said that local residents have launched a campaign on asking for the city authorities to close the club as it is known to discriminate against black people and women.

The petition is available at:….

The local police are also investigating the matter, although it is unclear if anyone has been arrested yet.