Another Gang Rape Reported

Six Algerian immigrants have been arrested for gang-raping a teenage girl in Spain and tossing her 17 EUR afterwards.

One of the alleged aggressors has been reported in local media as saying, outside the police station, that “we do not f*ck violently”.

The incident allegedly took place on Thursday evening in the city of Bilbao, in the northern Spanish region of Basque Country when an 18-year-old girl, who has not been named in reports, reported that she had been raped by a group of six men.

The suspects after the arrest;

However, she was only able to identify two of her alleged attackers and the four others have since been released on bail after being charged, according to local media.

Local media report the girl had gone to meet one of the men for a date when he reportedly forced her to join his group of friends in a forested area of the Etxebarria park.

She is said to have tried to run away but the men kept her there before allegedly raping her. The gang are said to have thrown the girl 17 EUR  after the rape.

The police launched an investigation and arrested six men, all Algerian nationals aged between 18 and 36 years old, after the victim reportedly described one of the men as having a tattoo on his neck.

The suspects gave statements on Saturday and Sunday when the judge in charge of the investigation decided to detain two of them.

The other four men involved in the case were released but with the condition of going to the police station daily.

The release of the other members of the group concerned residents of the city and in a press statement, the Federation of Associations of Neighbourhoods of Bilbao said: “Citizens were told that only two of the six people arrested on Friday as alleged perpetrators of the group sexual aggression of an 18-year-old woman were sent to prison of Basauri for judicial order.

“If six of them participated in the rape, the six should have the same destiny. The victim could bump into her aggressors in the streets, what is going on with justice?”

Three of the suspects have criminal records for robberies, fights and aggression, local media reports.

One of the alleged aggressors told local media outside the police station in broken Spanish: “Freedom! Algeria. No problems with girls… we do not f*ck violently, speak to her and if not, she does not f*ck”.

Thousands of people gathered in the main square of Bilbao to show their anger at the sexual aggression and their support for the victim.

The increase in the number of rape cases in Spain has seen local police take preventative measures. In a flyer shared a day after the aggression, residents are warned not to accept blind dates and are recommended to avoid walking around at night in quiet areas.

The investigation is ongoing.