Transgender Miss Universe Queen Talks Of Her Transformation

Transgender Miss Universe winner Angela Ponce woman has spoken about how her life has been transformed since she made history by competing in the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

The beautiful model later competed in the Miss Universe contest.

Angela Ponce, 28, qualified for Miss Universe when she became the first transgender woman to win the Miss Universe Spain title in 2018.

She told Spanish newspaper El Mundo how her success had made her internationally famous and opened doors which were previously closed to her.

Angela said: “Suddenly everyone knows you and you become an international public figure, even in countries where what you do is punishable by the death penalty. Now I am stronger, but in a beautiful way; I have less fear.”

She recently appeared in her first music video for platinum-selling Spanish pop star Manu Tenorio.

Angela explained: “I met Manu Tenorio at some awards given to us both and in the end in the video you can see the chemistry between the two. It’s a love story and doing it with him has been very easy.”

Angela also recently received an award in New York for her work with transsexual teenagers and their families.

She works with the Daniela Foundation which aims to fight discrimination and prejudice towards transgender adolescents and minors.

She said: “There are still a lot of people that think you are a man wanting to be a woman…

“We still have to work to legally acknowledge minors… there is still a lot of work to be done. People say: “But if everyone accepts everyone”, but it’s not true.”

Angela said she had always been an activist on LGBT issues, at one point even being sacked by a modelling agency in the Spanish city of Seville for speaking out on transgender rights.

She said she had chosen to link up with the Daniela Foundation because they “really work with the families most of all”.

Angela said: “The transition, more than by the trans person, should be done by the family because they have a feeling of loss and need to know how to deal with it and rid themselves of prejudice. Some think: ‘Oh God! Why did this happen to me?’!”