British Tourist has Nose Broken In Bloody Magaluf Row

This images show the aftermath of the violent fight in which a British tourist had his nose broken on a night out in the party resort of Magaluf.

British tourist with a broken nose in fight
This images capture the aftermath of the violent fight in which a British tourist had his nose broken in Punta Ballena street in Magaluf, the Spanish resort of the island of Majorca.

The young man – believed in his twenties – had to be helped by the staff of a food stall. The young Briton had a fractured nasal septum and was visibly bleeding heavily.

Friends who were with the tourist told local reporters their partner had participated in a fight a few minutes before. No details were revealed as to what caused the fight that left the young man injured.

It is unknown if there were people arrested after the fight or what was the cause of the row.

Local media reported that such violent attacks are becoming very common in the Spanish resort. Only a few days ago another British tourist accused several Magaluf waiters on social media of breaking his nose and causing several injuries.

The victim, identified by local media as Callum Crickson, explained the workers of the night club bashed him down when he accidentally dropped a glass on the floor.

Crickson wrote on social media: “I have been attacked by three waiters and three porters who have made several deep cuts and have broken my nose because I dropped a glass and it broke.”

According to the National Statistic Institute, The Balearic Islands received 1,7 million tourists between January and April of this year and 20,1 percent of them were Britis