Record-Breaking Spanish Game Show Team Win 6.5 Million EUR

These four game show contestants who broke the Guinness World Record for most consecutive wins on a TV show have now taken home a grand prize of 6.5 million EUR.

former deceased contestant;

The group of four men, known as ‘The Wolves’ won the jackpot of 4.1 million EUR (3.7 million GBP) after answering all 15 questions in the final round correctly and that money was added to the 2.4 million EUR (2.2 million GBP) they had already won on their record-breaking stint on the Spanish TV show Boom!

The four men, Manu, Erundino, Alberto and Valentin, competed in 505 consecutive programmes and broke the Guinness World Record for ‘Most consecutive wins on a TV game show’ in July 2018.

They first entered the show, which sees contestants answer questions to deactivate ‘bombs’ which lower their prize money and eliminate group members, in May 2017 and have not been eliminated since.

In February 2019, one of the members of the group, Jose Pinto, left the show and he was found dead from natural causes on his sofa almost a month later.

The group could be seen hugging each other after their jackpot win and Valentin said: “We have won our freedom and our peace and we have to use the money sensibly.”

The show is broadcast on weekdays by ‘Antena 3’ in Spain and has been running since 2014.