Driver Killed As Flooded Spanish Roads Turn Into Rivers

These are the huge flash floods which have turned Spanish roads into powerful rivers sweeping cars downstream and killing one driver.

The cars being dragged in flooded street.


Local media report the driver, who has not been named in reports, was killed when his car was taken by the flood waters and his body was found by firefighter near Moriones, in the municipality of Ezprogui, according to the regional government. His death is being investigated.

In the video, the roads in the region can be seen completely flooded and cars are being taken by the fast flowing waters.

Some of the cars are flipped upside down by the powerful waters and another clip taken inside a Lidl supermarket shows how products were left strewn over the floor by the flood waters.

Navarra regional government recommended residents in the Tafalla not to go out to the street until the flooding of the River Cidacos goes down. The river level reportedly rose from 11 centimetres (four inches) to 3.71 metres (12 feet) in just under five hours.

Reports state the flooding in Tafalla has been registered at 277 metres (908 feet) per second and has not yet been stabilised.

The floods breaking the roads.

In the city of Pamplona, the bullfighting for the traditional San Fermines festivities has been cancelled because of the condition of the bullring.