Qatari Royals Robbed In Barcelona Hotel Heist

Thieves managed to break into the Qatari Royal family’s hotel room – bypassing security and without forcing entry – before nicking over 26,000 GBP of cash and jewellery while the Royals were out sightseeing.

The robbery took place at the Monument Hotel located on the landmark Paseo de Gracia street in the city of Barcelona in the eastern Spanish region of Catalonia when thieves broke into the family’s hotel suite.

The hotel where the Royal family stayed.

Local media report that members of the Qatari royal family, who are spread across three luxury hotels in the city (Monument Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the Majestic Hotel) had left their room in the afternoon to go sightseeing and did not return until 9pm.

Upon their return, they reportedly found that money and jewellery worth a total of 30,000 EUR) had been stolen from their suite. The police were called and they are said to have found that the door to the room had not been forced open.

Reports state the thieves managed to evade the hotel’s security measures, including CCTV cameras, and the security detail for the royal family, which included officers from the Spanish national police.

The thieves had reportedly removed the safe box from the room. The members of the Qatari Royal Family involved in the incident have not been named in reports and it is unclear if they were senior members or in Barcelona on official business.

The investigation is ongoing and the police reportedly believe the theft was a targeted attack.

The robbery comes after the Vice-President of South Korea’s Presidential Commission for Asia, Hyewon Kim, died after being robbed on Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona.

Reports state a thief pulled her handbag from a motorbike, making her lose her balance and she hit her head on the ground.

She was taken to the Parc Salut Mar Hospital but later died from her injuries, according to reports.QW