Eight Year Old Boy Chokes To Death On Hot Dog In Gran Canaria

An  eight-year-old boy has choked to death after taking a single bite of a hotdog in front of his distraught parents in Gran Canaria.

Abimael, the victim

Little Abimael was attending the Saint John’s Eve celebrations in the municipality of Telde in Gran Canaria located in the Spanish Canary Islands when tragedy struck.

According to reports, he took one bite of a hotdog and started choking in front of family members, who did everything they could to save him, but sadly to no avail.

They performed first aid until the paramedics arrived, however the eight-year-old boy had already passed away, according to local media.

Telde Mayor Hector Suarez said that two ambulances arrived within four minutes and that nothing could be done in over 45 minutes of trying to bring the youngster back to life.

The father had to receive medical treatment after reportedly breaking down at the news of his son’s untimely demise.

According to local media, Telde Council cancelled the remainder of the festivals planned for the coming days and announced two days of mourning to honour the boy.

The victim’s stepsister Amy Oliva, who witnessed the incident, told local media that the family is considering taking legal action against the council for not “enabling emergency protocol in the moment the boy was gasping”.

According to Oliva, there were no ambulances or paramedics in the immediate vicinity, only police officers who she claimed were unable to administer first aid.

Family members are receiving counselling as the investigation continues.