Salamanca Launches Dog Poo Patrol

Council Hires Private Investigators To Chase Dog Poo

Carbajosa de la Sagrada

A city council is hiring private investigators to identify dog owners who fail to pick up their pet’s poo from public places.

The mayor of the municipality of Carbajosa de la Sagrada in the central Spanish province of Salamanca, Pedro Samuel Martin, said they do not have “any other option” as all preventative campaigns have not worked.

The municipality has 6,848 inhabitants with almost 600 registered dogs, although it is believed that there are many more unregistered pets, according to local media.

The Spanish ‘caca cops’ will start this week with the aim of identifying offenders and issuing fines for breaking municipal rules on dog mess.

The council is answering calls from fed-up residents who complain about the “unsociable” behaviour of some locals who fail to clean up their dogs’ little ‘gifts’ in public places.

The authorities believe that investigative measures are legitimate, needed and proportion to the problem at hand.

After numerous public campaigns, the council believes it is the last option available to combat the problem of dog mess.

The initiative follows several successful models adopted by city councils in Colmenar Viejo and Tarragona, according to reports.

The council said that the local police will still be in charge of issuing the fines while the ‘caca cops’ will be responsible for investigating offenders and providing relevant evidence to officers.