Reyes Cousin Says They Were Flying In Fatal Car Crash

The cousin of Jose Antonio Reyes who survived the crash which killed the former Arsenal striker told cops they “were flying” through the air after the striker lost control of his car.


Antonio Reyes, left, Jonathan Joni Reyes, centre and Juan Manuel Calderon, right, in the car.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo report Juan Manuel Calderon, 22, made the comments in his statement to Guardia Civil officers just after the accident which killed Reyes, 35, and his other cousin, Jonathan Reyes, 23, on the A-376 motorway near the town of Alcala de Guadaira in southern Spain.

Caldero reportedly told officers that he had been “looking out of the window” of the Mercedes Brabus S550 and saw that they were going “very fast”, adding: “I don’t know what Jose did, I don’t remember.”

El Mundo report Reyes’ car hit the crash barrier, bounced off it, leaving over 90 metres of braking marks before it went off the road, hitting a fence which “catapulted” the car.

Calderon added: “It went into the air, we were flying.”

The Guardia Civil confirmed that Reyes had been driving at over 220 kph at the time of the accident in their report, according to local journalist Jose Jorge Elias Santamaria writing for Mundo Deportivo.

Calderon suffered serious burns after trying to save his cousins from the vehicle whilst it was in flames and remains fighting for his life in hospital with burns to 60 percent of his body.

He was sedated in an ambulance shortly after giving his statement to the officers, according to El Mundo.