Brit Family Arrested For Splashing Fake Cash In Majorca

A British family have been arrested in Majorca for taking over 800 GBP in high-quality fake 50 GBP notes and exchanging the dodgy cash for euros to pay for their holiday.

The five family members had travelled to Santa Ponca in Majorca, in the eastern Spanish region of Balearic Island from the UK with the alleged goal of using fake notes to pay their expenses.

The family, who have not been named, allegedly used fake 50-pound notes in supermarkets and currency exchanges near the hotel they were staying at to change them for genuine euros.

Some supermarkets in Majorca accept pounds from British tourists, giving them euros in change.

Local media report they bought a bottle of water in a supermarket with one of the 50-pound notes and received euros in change.

However, the worker at the till was suspicious of the banknote and he then checked it. He reportedly realised the note was fake and alerted the Spanish Civil Guard.

The officers then located the family and arrested them, seizing 400 EUR in legal currency which the family had allegedly obtained from exchanging the fake sterling.

Investigators have now recovered 17 fake 50-GBP notes which are said to be high-quality fakes, with a similar feel to genuine notes and that even have the watermarks reproduced.

Local media report the fake notes also copied security systems from genuine notes to make them more reliable.

The family are being held on suspicion of currency falsification. It has not been reported where the family are from in the UK and they have not yet been named.

The fake pounds used by the family.