Bomb Scare Forces Vueling Emergency Landing

A Vueling flight to Ibiza had to perform an emergency landing at Barcelona airport after air traffic control warned the pilot there could be a bomb on the plane.

The startling incident occurred on Vueling flight VLG 2847 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to the Spanish party island of Ibiza yesterday (Thursday).

Press statement of Aena after announcement of Vueling.

Reports state the flight took off without issue but the heads of Charles de Gaulle airport then alerted the pilot of a bomb threat on a flight to Ibiza, and the Vueling flight was the only plane heading to the island from Paris.

The pilot followed security protocol and agreed to land in Barcelona airport, where Vueling has its operative base.

The plane landed at El Prat Airport in Barcelona at 2pm and the passengers were evacuated before the Spanish Civil Guard checked the plane and luggage before confirming it was a false alarm.

The passengers then boarded another Vueling plane at the airport to continue on their flight to Ibiza.

Aena, the company in charge of the management of airports in Spain, confirmed the flight had landed in Barcelona and said that the officers had dismissed the bomb threat.

Vueling is the largest airline in Spain by fleet size and number of destinations. It is currently unclear where what caused the bomb scare.

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