52 African Migrants Break Through Spanish Border

52 sub-Saharan African migrants celebrated entering the Spanish autonomous city of Melilla in North Africa after scaling the barbed wire border fence.

According to the Spanish authorities, over 100 migrants tried to cross the border and 52 managed to reach the other side.

Migrants in the migration centre after jumping over the fence.

The immigrants, of sub-Saharan origin, illegally entered Spain via the small North African enclave of Melilla which borders with Morocco.

According to local media, the fence-jump is the first major incident since 209 migrants scaled the border in October last year, and follows a sharp increase in the number of illegal migrants crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

Reports also said that four Spanish Civil Guard officers were injured during the incident.

Meanwhile, the human rights NGO Prodein said that four migrants were cut by the barbed wire and needed treatment.

Juan Jose Imbroda, the current and fourth Mayor-President of Melilla, supported the injured officers and criticised the media, saying: “Only the injured migrants made the news.”

The far-right political party Vox has demanded the immediate deportation of the migrants for illegally entering Spanish territory.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez previously promised to remove the barbed wire that currently covers around 200 metres of the 11-kilometre border fence separating Melilla and Morocco.

The fence that is separating the border between Spain and Morocco.

According to local media, one of the 52 migrants was arrested for attacking a border official.

The others managed to walk to the Temporary Migration Centre while celebrating, as seen in the video.

It is currently unclear what will happen to the sub-Saharan migrants.