Magaluf Police In Special Op For All-English Finals

Spanish police in Magaluf are preparing a special operation to keep control in the party destination during the all-English Champions League and Europa League finals.

The party season has kicked off in Magaluf, on the Balearic Island of Mallorca, and will be in full swing by the time Arsenal and Chelsea play on 29th May followed by Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur facing off in Madrid on 1st June.

Magaluf Mayhem

The local council confirmed to Golder’s News & Sport (Golder’s) that the local police will work with the Spanish Civil Guard to try and keep order in Magaluf around the first all-English Champions League final since 2008 and in the first all-English Europa League final.

A spokesperson from the Calvia Council told Golder’s: “Special attention will be made in Magaluf and areas of bars where most tourism is concentrated. In cases like this where four English teams are participating there will be a special operation with members of the local police and the Spanish Civil Guard who will work together.”

The official confirmed that the operation would include police officers monitoring CCTV cameras in the area to be able to identify any problems and perpetrators.

The spokesperson said to Golder’s: “It’s usually done in the room where the CCTV screens are, the local police office has screens and there are cameras in Magaluf. There is a high command of the local police and the civil guard and they will coordinate the special units.”

The exact number of officers involved in the operation is yet to be confirmed.

Local media report the police are trying to avoid a repeat of the scenes in Magaluf after England faced Scotland in Glasgow in 2017 which saw three people reported to the police as tables, chairs and bottles were thrown at rival fans.

Reports state the “special units” mentioned above often impose restrictions on the sale of alcohol during match days.