Spanish Navy Storm Ship To Free Crew After Pirate Attack

This is the moment heavily armed Spanish Navy officers storm a boat which had been attacked by pirates to free the terrified crew.

The rescue operation.


The startling incident occurred in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of West Africa after the captain of a merchant ship which was flying under the Maltese flag called into the Operations Centre to report they were being attacked by pirates.

The Spanish Navy ship Serviola was called into action as it was in the area carrying out surveillance work and helping with the co-operative security mission of several African countries.

The members of the crew after the rescue.

The Serviola went to the scene along with a ship from the Equatorial Guinea Navy and the crew were reportedly unsure if the pirates were still onboard the merchant ship, which has not been named.

In the video, members of the Security Operation Team on the Serviola can be seen climbing a ladder onto the deck of the merchant ship carrying assault rifles.

The navy team spread out across the deck with their guns ready to fire.

Local media report the unit made their way to the panic room and found that the pirates had left.

The captain said a high-speed skiff had approached their boat with pirates on board so he had ordered the crew into the panic room.

The unnamed ship

The pirates are said to have demanded the 20-person crew leave the panic room and hand over their valuables.

When the crew refused, the pirates reportedly opened a small hole in the door to the panic room and began shooting through it.

Fortunately nobody was injured and the pirates then left, with reports stating they may have fled when they noticed the navy boats in the area.

Pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea are not related to those off the coast of Somalia. In the Gulf of Guinea, pirates are known for fast raids on merchant ships where they seek to steal everything on board, whereas Somali pirates often look to kidnap the crews.