UEFA “Abusive” No Pay Job Offer For Champions League Final

UEFA have been slammed for “abusing” performers after posting an advert looking for dancers and other artists to perform at the Champions League final who will not be paid for their work.

The job posting was placed on the recruitment website Sold Out ahead of the Champions League final on 1st June at Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

Job offer by UEFA.

In the advert, UEFA are looking for “200 volunteer dancers, sports people and students of theatre and music”, adding “you can form part of the show!”.

The posts are unpaid and instead UEFA highlight the “once in a lifetime opportunity” volunteers would have and adding they would “obtain invaluable experience” as well as “feeling an unforgettable joy and pride at being part of such an important and global event”.

The Confederation of Working Performance Artists (ConARTE) in Spain have slammed the posts as “abuse” and the chief of the confederation’s international department Cesar Casares added: “This is work, it’s not volunteered.”

Casares said: “They are looking for people who know how to dance, with the agreement of participating in rehearsals for two weeks, they want to make a selection. They are not talking about volunteers, they haven’t gone to a football school for children so they participate, they are looking for workers.

“We aren’t talking about a company with economic difficulties.”

UEFA’s website states the federation earned 2.35 billion EUR from the Champions League, Europa League and Supercup in the 2017/18 season