Leticia Sabater 200,000 EUR Spree In Bid To Be “Spanish Madonna”

This pop star who underwent hymen repair surgery in a bid to restore her virginity has shown off her new six-pack implants designed to mimic music legend Madonna.

Leticia Sabater during the program.

According to local media, Spanish singer Leticia Sabater spent 200,000 EUR (171,000 GBP) to undergo several surgeries so that she could be dubbed the ‘Spanish Madonna’.

The Catalan celebrity has also undergone surgeries to her face, bum, thighs and biceps in the past, according to reports.

During a TV interview, she said: “I am in love with my body. I am happy as the operation makes me look spectacular!”

Leticia Sabater after the surgery at the hospital.

Sabater added: “Do not forget that I will need about six weeks to recover, when it will appear more natural and match the rest of my body.

“Patience! Do not be nervous, it is going to look cool in a month and a half.”

Before the ab implant operation, she said on social media: “You won’t be able to tell if it was done in the operating theatre or the gym!

“I will have the abs of Madonna, the hips of Kim Basinger and the bum of Emily Ratajkowski!”

The singer, who first found fame as a children’s TV presenter, made headlines in 2015 when she underwent an operation to restore her hymen at the age of 48.