3 Scottish Tourists Rescued After Mallorca Hike

Three Scottish tourists hiking in a Majorca nature spot while on holiday near Magaluf have been rescued by the Spanish Civil Guard after they got lost while hiking and failed to return before night.

The moment of the rescue of the tourists.

The incident took place at the Torrent of Pareis, considered one of the most impressive gorge walks in the Mediterranean, in the north of Majorca located in the eastern Spanish Balearic Islands.

According to local media, four unnamed Scottish tourists aged between 18 and 23 were staying at the Globales Palmanova Hotel near Magaluf in the east of the island when they decided to visit the popular natural gorge.

One of them waited in the hire car for the other three to enjoy their hike, but grew concerned when night fell and his friends had failed to come back when expected.

The Scottish tourist went to a nearby hotel to contact the emergency services.

According to reports, firefighters, Civil Guard officers and members of the mountain rescue services arrived at the gorge around midnight.

The rescuers split up into two teams to search the gorge’s downhill and uphill routes.

Rescuers came across an eyewitness who claimed he had happened across the three missing Scots, but they were not found in the area described to them.

After a four-hour search, Civil Guard officers found the lost hikers near the Entreforc viewpoint and brought them to safety.

According to reports, none of the British tourists were injured during the incident. They have not been named in reports.