Raging Bull Attacks Police Car

This is the moment a huge escaped bull goes on a rampage ramming a police car and charging around before cops shoot the beast with a tranquilliser dart.

The bull attacking the patrol car.

The incident took place in the municipality of Galapagar, near the Spanish capital Madrid after a bull escaped from a farm in the nearby municipality of Collado Villalba.

Local media report the Spanish Civil Guard were called after the bull escaped and they went to the scene with officers from the Environmental Protection Service (SEPRONA) to try and catch the animal, along with one of the farmers and a vet.

In the video, the bull can be seen charging down a hull towards a parked Civil Guard patrol car.

The bull crashes into the car with its horns, shoving the vehicle several feet before turning and running away.

The bull then stares at the person recording before running down a dirt track.

Reports state the bull was eventually caught after officers fired a tranquilliser dart at it but the animal had already damaged three patrol cars during its 30-minute rampage.

Raging bull.

The animal was returned to its owner without suffering any injuries, according to reports.

Netizen ‘jofralo05’ commented: “It only wants what we all want, to be free and to left in peace.”

And ‘Jossysegh’ added: “You are always the first ones to risk your lives. Sending a big hug to thank you for your courage.”