Moroccan Arrested Over ISIS Easter Spain Bomb Plot

This is the Moroccan uni student arrested over plans to carry out a terror attack in Seville over Easter after reportedly being radicalised by ISIS jihadists.

The 23-year-old suspect, identified as Zouhair el Bouhdidi, was arrested in the northern Moroccan capital Rabat during a coordinated effort between Spanish and Moroccan police.

The young man, who studied at the University of Seville, has reportedly given the Moroccan police the names of four other suspects based in the Andalusian city in southern Spain.

Reports said that he was arrested shortly after arriving in his home country where it is believed he planned to say goodbye to loved ones before his planned death in the alleged Easter suicide attack.

According to local media, he had been planning the Seville attack for several months and confessed his involvement to the Moroccan authorities following his arrest.

Abderrahim Bouhdidi (centre) in an event.

It is believed that the attack would have taken place before Good Friday as the Spanish city takes part in week-long celebrations.

Reports said that Zouhair el Bouhdidi planned to detonate an explosive belt in the middle of a large crowd.

The suspect told the Moroccan police that he was radicalised by the so-called Islamic State (IS) and was in contact with a clandestine cell system over the internet, according to local media.

Meanwhile, it was reported that a Spanish-language video was circulated over the Darknet that announced the planned attack in Seville.

Spanish police searched the suspect’s home in the Seville area of Su Eminencia, but did not find any bomb-making materials.

The 23-year-old shared the house with his mother and father, an imam at a nearby mosque.

Meanwhile, the authorities are investigating the four names the suspect allegedly gave to the Moroccan police.

His mother told Spanish media that he is a “good guy” and claimed that he is “clean” and “did nothing”.

She added that he plays football, studied hard at university and is currently looking for a job.

The investigation continues.