Husband Prepares To Help His Wife End Her Own Life

This is the heartbreaking moment that a 70-year-old husband prepares to give his terminally ill wife a lethal cocktail that will assist her in ending her life.

The husband Angel Hernandez speaking with Maria Jose Carrasco before the euthanasia

The incident took place in  Madrid when Angel Hernandez gave his wife, 62-year-old Maria Jose Carrasco, a drink that included barbituric acid, according to local media.

In the footage, Angel says: “We are going to record this statement because it is very important to make a recording of the wish you want to be carried out, which is your suicide. Do you still want to commit suicide?”

Maria answers: “Yes.”

Angel asks: “Do you want to wait for something?” His wife responds “no”.

The caring husband says: “Do you want it to be carried out now?”

Maria replies: “Yes.”

Angel asks: “Do you know I have to help you, that nobody else could do it and that it would not be right.

After he checks with his wife several more times, Angel says: “Well, Maria Jose, it is the time you always wanted.”

“I am going to give you my hands, I am going to give my hands for something you cannot do. First we are going to check with a bit of water because I do not know if you will be able to swallow.

“If we see you cannot swallow we will abort.”

The footage cuts at the point where Maria reportedly drinks the lethal cocktail and dies.

Ms Carrasco had been suffering with multiple sclerosis for 30 years and was completely dependent on her husband, who had repeatedly petitioned the government to pass a euthanasia bill.

Angel claimed that his wife wanted to end her life, but was unable to do it herself.

She first tried to end her life 20 years ago when she was more able, but Angel brought her back to life because “I thought she still enjoyed life at that time”.

After wrongly “trusting that the euthanasia law was going to be passed” by the Spanish authorities, Angel and Maria then made a video of the moments leading up to her assisted suicide.

Angel then sent the video the media and he was subsequently arrested by the police.

Under Spanish law, assisted suicide is punishable with between two to 10 years in prison, however the sentence can be reduced if there is a clear request from a victim who is suffering from a serious illness.

Angel was released several hours after his arrest and he told local media: “It was all for you (Maria). Everything was done quickly for you.”

The case has sparked a nationwide debate on euthanasia and an online petition by has quickly gathered nearly 300,000 signatures.