Adopted Madrid Chinese Girl Search For Long Lost ” Big Sister”

A Chinese teen who was adopted into a Spanish family has launched an online campaign to track down her best friend at the orphanage where they lived as tots.

The woman sent this picture of the orphanage posing with a girl she is looking for.

The young woman, who lives in Madrid and is named Sara Courdless on Twitter, wrote: “I need to try this, I need to find the girl beside me (I am the one in the trolley).

“Now she’s probably 21 – 23 y/o. I don’t know her name and this is the only pic I’ve got. If you recognise yourself in it, please, contact me.”

Sara, who is 18 or 19 years old, said on social media that the girl was adopted from the orphanage in Hubei in China at the same time as she was.

She added: “From what my parents told me, this girl never separated from me during the whole adoption process.

“The translator who accompanied my parents spoke to the girl and she said that she was taking care of me in the orphanage.

Sara Courdless

“As I was only 11 months old and she was about five, she was one of the eldest there and took care of me like a sister.”

“The day we had to leave China, the girl kept shouting my name (Danyao) at the airport and tried to get away from her adoptive parents.”

Sara’s parents tried to keep in touch with the girl’s new family, but they lost contact and she admits: “18 years later, I have no idea what happened to them.”

She is hoping to find out some information over social media after her online plea was shared by 89,000 netizens.

The teen’s desperate search continues.