Search For Missing Rem Kingston Continues

The sister of the British tourist who is believed to have fallen overboard near Majorca has said that he has “mental health issues” and called on the general public to help find the missing young man.

Rem Kingston, 31.

Rem Kingston disappeared on the morning of 22nd March while sailing from Valencia to Palma via Ibiza in eastern Spain on the ferry ‘Hypatia de Alejandria’.

According to the ‘Majorca Daily Bulletin’, Megan Kingston, sister of the missing 31-year-old tourist, said: “My brother has mental health issues. He suffers from paranoia and sometimes gets scared of people.

“There is a possibility that he hid himself somewhere on the ferry and returned to Valencia, stopped and disembarked at the port of Ibiza or that he did come ashore here in Palma and is on the island.

“It has not been ruled out 100 percent that he did not disembark here in Palma, it’s just that my mother lost sight of him.

Rem Kingston, 31. Still Missing

“All the security forces and the consulate staff have been really helpful and are doing all they can. Should anyone spot Rem, please call the police straight away.

“If approaching, please do so calmly as he is fearful and not trusting of people in his current mental state.”

At the time of his disappearance, the 31-year-old was sharing a cabin with his mother, who immediately informed crew members that he had gone missing.

According to local media, search teams have currently halted the sea operation and are focusing on looking for the British tourist in Majorca, Ibiza and Valencia.

His sister has travelled to Majorca to meet with members of the British consulate and police.

A Civil Guard spokesperson told Central European News (CEN): “We are also investigating whether he jumped from the ferry or fell in.”

The search continues.