Jamon Carver Scares Commuters on Madrid Metro

This is the moment a man with a beard sharpens a huge knife on the underground but cops revealed him to be a Spanish cured ham cutter on his way to work.

The man sharpening the big knives in a metro

The startling scene was recorded by a passenger on line 10 of the underground system of the Spanish capital Madrid and posted on social media.

In the video, a male passenger can be seen holding a honing steel and sharpening a long knife as he sits by himself on the train.

He appears to be looking at other passengers as he continues sharpening the blade.

Metro Madrid reportedly sent the video to the police to check if the incident constituted a crime. Police sources are said to have confirmed that carrying a knife on the metro is not a crime although they were investigating to see if the man’s behaviour had been intimidating.

Reports state the man was identified and it was confirmed that no panic had been caused and nobody had reported the incident to metro security guards.

The man, who has not been named in reports, is reportedly 27 years old and had been on his way to his job as a professional cured ham cutter. He has no criminal record and is of Spanish nationality.

According to sources at the Madrid underground, the man got onto a train at Serrano station on line 4 before changing to line 10 at Alonso Martinez station and travelling north to Fuencarral station, where he reportedly works.

Juan Carlos de la Cruz, the Secretary General of the metro workers’ union told local media that it is very difficult to control the presence of weapons on the trains as there are no metal detectors in the stations.

Cruz said that the case is an example of the dangers metro workers face on the system.

Sources from Metro Madrid said that there has been a recent 20-percent increase in the amount being spent on security throughout the system.