Married Cult Couple Arrested After Their Children Discovered Beaten To Death

A woman and her partner who were fascinated by cults and the paranormal and lived in a squat filled with hung dolls and animal heads have been arrested after their two young children were found buried.

Maite and Gabriel, the parents.

Maria Gombau, 28, and the children’s father, a Belgian national named only as Gabriel S.C., were squatting at a house in the town of Godella, near the eastern Spanish city of Valencia.

Their children, a three-year-old boy and a girl of just five months, whose names have not been released, were found buried just feet away from the property.

Police came to the house after neighbours called them to say they had seen the woman walking out of the house, half naked and covered in blood, followed by her partner.

Cops arrived to find Gabriel S.C. on his own at the house with no sign of the woman or the children.

Hours later, they found her hiding behind a nearby oil drum. The couple then told cops the children had disappeared from the house while they were arguing.

Maria Gombau, the mother of the children, the father and one of the children.

Police were suspicious and brought both parents in for questioning. After hours of interrogation, the woman Gombau allegedly told them where to find the children.

They had been buried separately near the house, one 150 metres away and the other 75 metres away.

Police say the bodies showed signs of physical abuse. Autopsies are being carried out to determine the causes of death.

Cops confirmed Gombau was suspected of murder while Gabriel S.C. was suspected of at least helping her cover up the crime.

He is in police custody in the nearby town of Moncada and has told cops she had suffocated the children.

The couple allegedly followed an alternative lifestyle of drug abuse and belief in “sects and paranormal issues”, according to neighbours.

The house was emblazoned with the slogan ‘Vais a morir todos’ (Everybody is going to die) in red paint. Cops also found the heads of animals and children’s dolls hanging from the walls inside the house.