Mystery Donor Leaves Cash In Anonymous Envelopes To Villagers

The residents of a village are searching for a mystery person who has left dozens of envelopes stuffed with cash and friendly messages under their doors.

The centre of Villamarriel, in Palencia, where this mysterious Robin Hood has appeared.

The envelopes, stuffed with up to 100 EUR at a time, have been given anonymously to residents Villarramiel, a small village of 900 inhabitants located in the central Spanish province of Palencia.

Local media report 16 residents have received the surprise envelopes so far with most of them receiving a 50-euro note inside.

Some of the lucky residents received 70 EUR or 100 EUR and some reportedly took the notes to the bank who confirmed they were genuine.

The envelope with the message and the banknote.

Rebeca Pardo, the councillor of the village, told Central European News (CEN): “For two weeks, villagers have been receiving envelopes with money, under the door, in their postboxes or even in the basket on their bike, with 50, 70 and 100 euros.”

She added: “We do not know anything, as they were given in a random way, to different ages and to different people.”

Pardo confirmed to CEN that only two residents had received messages from the mystery donor with one receiving “the queen of the house” and the other “the heart princess”.

Pardo added: “The women do not suspect anybody.”

Nuria Simon, the mayoress of the village said that some of those who received the cash had decided to donate it to the local church.

Local media report that there are no clear links between the recipients and that some households had received two envelopes.

Mayoress Simon said villagers had been asking her about the case but says she has no more information than they do.

Karen received the envelope too.

One of the lucky recipients told local media: “I have no idea who could have given me this gift.”

Iris Enriquez, one of the residents who found the envelope in her bike basket, told local newspaper El Correo: “This was done by God, he knows that there are a lot of people in need here and he has sent someone to share blessings.”

Her husband, however, is more sceptical, telling reporters: “He must be a person with mental problems because this is not done by a normal person. The first thing I did was call the police… although if it had been a million euros, I would have said nothing.”

Local resident Maria Luisa, who received the message “the queen of the house” on her envelope, said she had shared the cash with her family.

Reports say other envelopes were also found but without cash inside.