La Pedriza Helicopter Rescue Airlifts Dog Out Of Deep Gorge

This is the incredible footage of a lost dog being airlifted out of a deep rocky gorge by a rescue helicopter and taken to safety.

Ned the dog became trapped in a 65-foot-deep chasm in the popular beauty spot of La Pedriza, a geological feature on the southern slopes of the Guadarrama mountain range in the Community of Madrid in central Spain.

Rescue operation.

The concerned dog owners reported Ned’s disappearance and a rescue team was dispatched to find the lost pooch.

He was discovered on a rocky ledge 65 feet down a deep gorge and needed to be lifted out by helicopter.

In the dramatic footage, a chopper is seen approaching the gorge as a winch is being lowered to waiting rescue workers.

A rescuer attaches himself and the dog to a harness and they are both airlifted out of the deep chasm.

They are then set down at a safe distance from the crevasse and the two rescue workers pet the scared pooch.

It is not known how Ned ended up in the gorge or if the dog suffered any injuries.

Netizen ‘LaleTati’ commented: ‘Many thanks, you guys are the best we have. You normally rescue people with the help of dogs so it is nice that you were there when they needed you.”

‘Biovivencias’ added: ‘So scary! Well done.”