Oriana Marzoli and Violeta Mangrinan Under the Needle For The Perfect Behind

This is the moment two pert reality TV stars brave the beautician’s needle in a bid to develop bums like Kim Kardashian.

Oriana Marzoli and Violeta Mangrinan, who have competed in several reality shows in Spain, were filmed undergoing the process at the Esquivel Clinic in the capital city of Madrid.

Oriana Marzoli.

Both wore g-strings to lie face down on a bed so the beautician, who calls himself Dr Esquivel on social media, could inject them in the bum.

Oriana, originally from Venezuela, and Violeta, from the eastern Spanish city of Valencia, were undergoing a bottom-lifting treatment designed to make the muscles in their buttocks stand out.

It costs up to 600 EUR (515 GBP), involves eight to ten injections of a mixture of organic silicon and vitamin C, and is billed as a natural alternative to butt implants.

Oriana, who has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, said: “It is really done in the muscle. It is very natural.”

Violeta Mangrinan.

The blonde beauty could reportedly be heard shouting: “Get ready Kim Kardashian!”, as she braced herself for the syringe but in the video she then squeals in pain and complains it hurts.

Violeta then appears to have second thoughts about going through it herself.

The brunette said: “It hurts, I pass. She can’t stop complaining. I should have gone first because now I’ve heard it hurts I do not want to.”

However, she ended up braving the needle and turned out to have a higher pain threshold than her friend.

Oriana has been a contestant on several reality TV shows including Women and Men, Gandia Shore – the Spanish equivalent of Geordie Shore, and Big Brother VIP.

Violeta, who has 838,000 followers on Instagram, has appeared in Women and Men and Vice Versa.