Firemen Rescue Cat Stuck Under Car Bonnet

This is the moment firemen finally rescue a meowing cat from under a car bonnet after being forced to take off its wheel.

The incident occurred in the commuter  town of Galapagar north of  Madrid where firemen can be seen stroking what appears to be a very relieved cat after they finally manage to pull it out from inside the car.

The cat after the rescue being comforted by firefighters;

Local media report passersby and the driver of the car who has not been named heard the cat meowing from under the bonnet and called the fire service to investigate.

In the video, firefighters have removed the front right wheel of the vehicle after being unable to rescue the cat vie the open bonnet.

One of the firefighters reaches into the space left by the wheel and carefully pulls the scared cat out.

He then holds the car in his arms and strokes it to try and calm it down as it continues to meow.

The authorities are working to identify if the cat has an owner which seems likely as the feline can be seen with a collar around its neck in the video.

Netizen ‘Jazmin Mv’ commented: “Congratulations to the heroes that save lives, including those of the defenceless animals.”

And ‘AnaLerma15’ added: “I love this tender work of the firemen.”