Cops Grab Suspect Pacing Rooftop And Lift Him To Safety

This is the moment brave cops risk being pulled over the edge as they tackle a disturbed man who had defied a restraining order by trying to break into his mum’s flat.

It is unclear why the mother has a restraining order against her son but when the police arrived, he ran onto the rooftop where it was feared he might be contemplating suicide. Local media said he was threatening to jump if officers came to close.

The startling incident that followed was recorded by an onlooker in the city of Reus in the province of Tarragona in Spain.

The suicidal man on the roof ready to jump;

In the video, the 20-year-old man, whose name has not been reported, can be seen pacing at the top of a block of flats.

Suddenly the heads of the police officers appear, and they move together to grab the man from behind, with one putting his arm around the man’s neck as the other officer’s help lift him to safety. He was then arrested for breaking the restraining order his mother has against him.

The mother was reportedly the one that called police.

Reports said that after his arrest, he was admitted into a psychiatric hospital.

Netizen ‘EstherValMol’ commented: “Bravo heroes, bravo!”

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