WTF! Bizarre Incident Of Loose Lorry Wheel On Motorway

This is the bizarre moment drivers on a motorway see a huge double tyre lorry wheel rolling down the road and even seeming to turn right as it follows the flow of traffic in Spain.

The wheels on the motorway.

The bizarre incident took place on the A-55 motorway which joins the cities of Vigo and O Porrino in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia.

In the video, a 4WD driver can be seen with their hazard warning lights on as they slow down to avoid the pair of joined tyres which are rolling down the lane in front of their vehicle.

The wheels are making their way down the motorway with the concrete mixer lorry they reportedly belong to nowhere to be seen.

Local media report the wheels became unattached from the lorry because of a mechanical failure which also saw petrol spill from the vehicle.

Reports state traffic in the area had to be closed until the Spanish Civil Guard brought the situation under control.

The authorities managed to remove the lorry from the road and clear up the spilt fuel and other parts from the incident in a matter of hours, and the road was then reopened,.

Local media report that nobody was injured in the incident.