Liga Goal With Fowler-Style Cocaine Celebration

This is the moment two professional footballers celebrate a goal by seemingly pretending to snort cocaine off their hands in true Robbie Fowler style.

The players doing a cocaine celebration after scoring a goal.

The startling celebration was recorded at the Spanish third-tier Segunda Division B match between UD Melilla and Cartagena.

Melilla went ahead through winger Heber Pena’s goal and celebrated his strike with Moroccan defender Soufiane Chakla.

In the video, the pair can be seen celebrating with teammates when Chakla appears to imitate sprinkling powder on his hand.

The pair then both pretend to sniff something off their hands before walking away smiling.

Melilla, who went on to lose the match 2-1, have released a statement apologising for the players’ actions.

The statement reads: “We regret the way our two footballers celebrated the goal in our last match against Cartagena. We think the joke got out of hand, but whether it was intended or nort, it’s not the image we try to give as a club.”

Defender Chakla said the pair were not imitating snorting cocaine but inhaled Rape tobacco from Morroco.

He said: “I want to clear something up, the celebration didn’t make reference to cocaine or any other drug, that would be the last thing I’d do on a pitch in front of children we are an example for.

“We were imitating something from down here, sniffed tobacco – taba or rappel – something that Heber didn’t know about and I told him about. Nothing else. If at any time it seemed different we apologise, but from now we are focusing only on our match against UCAM Murcia and not on this nonsense.”

In April 1999 Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler celebrated a goal against rivals Everton by bending over and pretending to snort a white line in response to allegations he took drugs.