Police Stop Immigrant Brawl in Barcelona

Two migrants were involved in a vicious street fight before the police arrive to put an end to the violence in central Barcelona.

The incident took place in the area of Raval in the district of Ciutat Vella in the north-western Spanish city of Barcelona between two unnamed young men, one of them aged 17.

In the footage filmed by a concerned resident, one of the migrants is seen hurling objects, reportedly from a container of rubble and debris, down an alley towards a rival.

The police stopped the fight

As residents call down from their apartments to complain about the disturbance, the rock thrower suddenly starts running from his container and a migrant with a large stick appears.

He chases his foe along the alleyway as police sirens are heard approaching.

The rock thrower falls over on the pavement and the man with the stick starts to hit him as he lies on the ground.

At that point, one police officer detains him as another attends to the migrant on the ground.

According to local media, one of them was taken to the police station for questioning while the other was transferred to a nearby hospital.

It is not known while they were fighting but reports suggest it was part of a turf war between rival Moroccans in an area that has seen rising crime levels in recent times, particularly related to fights and robberies.

Netizen ‘Carlos Benito Martinez’ commented: “Poor neighbourhood!”